We Pay More!

Sell Us Your Gold. We Pay The Highest Prices – 110% Guaranteed.*

National Pawn is a licensed and bonded precious metals buyer. We are in the business of buying. We have been doing it since 1987. We would not have been in business for so long if we did not treat our customers well. We pay you more because we want you to come back and to refer your friends to us.

If you sell your gold to someone else without hearing our offer, you will lose money!

There are very, very few licensed Precious Metals Dealers in the state. Precious Metals Licenses require background checks on persons with the company, extensive record keeping and reporting to the police department, as well as a requirement to hold the merchandise for a set period of time. The vast majority of people buying gold in North Carolina are doing it illegally. Not every gold buyer is equal. It pays to shop around. Do your homework. Most gold buyers count on you not knowing what your gold is worth.

  • Don’t be swayed by jewelry stores that are now buying gold. Most hire out-of-state companies to do their gold buying events. They lead you to believe that the “trusted” jewelry store will pay you more. Yet usually the opposite is true. The jewelry store has to pay its huge overhead and also split the profits with the out-of-state company, so that leaves less to offer you.
  • Double-check the companies that set up in hotels for buying events. They spend a lot of money on advertising to get you to come in and most of the time will low-ball you when you get there.
  • It is amazing that anyone would ship his or her valuables to some unknown person through the mail. These businesses count on the fact that once they are in possession of your gold, you will accept any offer that they give you.

We pay you more because we want your REPEAT business. We are not some fly-by-night company. National Pawn owns most of their buildings. National Pawn will still be here next week.

* Please note: Written offer cannot be older than 14 days and must be for the same items brought to us. We will pay 110% of the written bona fide offer not to exceed 100% of full liquidation market value.

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